Saturday, November 16, 2013


Merseyside Derby Match Watch: In honor of the late Terry Walsh

The last time Everton won the Merseyside Derby was three years ago, 17 October 2010 at Goodison Park with goals from Tim Cahill (his 5th and final derby goal) and Mikel Arteta.

The mood was ecstatic at Mr. Dennehy's but one regular face was missing, Terry Walsh. Friends discovered later that Terry had been struck by a car the night before and sustained serious injuries; injuries which proved fatal 6 weeks later.

The Merseyside Derby means so much to Evertonians everywhere, and the loss of Terry makes each derby even more poignant for EFC NYC.

Please join us at our match watch this coming Saturday from 7:45am at Mr. Dennehy's, where we'll take time to honor and remember Terry at half-time. He would have been 50 last month. There should be a great crowd of old and new NYC Evertonians, including Terry's wife and children.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Supporter's Club Player of the Year and Goal of the Year voting

Hi there. It's time to vote for a player and goal of the year to submit to EFC along with all the other SC's. There is a poll on the FB group for player of the year and I'm asking for nominations for GOTY so that I can make another poll as well. I've put these up on FB as it is easy to make a poll on there. please find the group at this link.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Slight Raffle Change: Chance to Meet Tim Cahill for a Q&A with other Bluenoses :)


We have put together plans for a day out with the Red Bulls for their home opener on Saturday 16 March followed by a Q&A session with Tim Cahill! This event is open to all Everton supporters and their friends and family. We'd like to have a fun day out starting with the Everton v Man City match at 08:45 that morning and then we'd head over to the grounds for the Red Bulls match. We're also going to move the date of the first drawing to the 16th. It should be a great day!

Here are the details:
- Red Bulls v DC United, 12:30p
- Tickets: $23 ($3 for every ticket sold will go to the Breezy Point charity to help in our disaster relief efforts!)
- We will all be seated together as a group in Section 218. 
- You must use the promo code "CAHILL" (see the bottom of this email for details)
- We will all be given wristbands upon entry and given the opportunity to write down questions for Tim.
- After the match, the management will take us down to the lower level where Tim will join us and spend time talking with us and answering questions.
- We will conduct the drawing for the first set of shirts at the conclusion of this event. (Maybe Tim can pull the winning ticket??)

We can discuss the possibility of renting a bus if there is enough interest but for now those arrangements have not been made.

Please let us know if you have any questions! Below is the information on how to purchase tickets.

The New York Red Bulls have teamed up with the Everton NYC Supporters Group to provide all members with a special ticket offer for this season's home opener!

Join the action as the Red Bulls take on D.C. United  at Red Bull Arena. 

New York Red Bulls VS. D.C. United
Saturday March 16th    12:30PM
Ticket Specials
Upper End Lines    $23 per seat

To Purchase tickets please click the Link Below

Click Here To Purchase Tickets

Buying Instructions
1.) Go to
2.) Click 'Get Tickets' next to match on Saturday, March 16th against DC United
3.) Underneath the box at the bottom titled 'Promotional Code' enter CAHILL and click Go.
4.) At the top, adjust the number of 'Full Price' tickets to 0
5.) Update the Seat Quantity next to 'Promo (Everton Supporters) (CAHILL) to the amount of tickets you need and click Continue
(All seats for Everton supporters will be located in section 218)
6.) Verify the number of tickets purchased and click Continue
7.) Create a New York Red Bulls account to complete the purchase.

About EFCNYC is the website for Everton FC supporters in the New York City area. We get together at Mr. Dennehy's bar in the West Village for matches. We welcome all Evertonians visiting the Big Apple to stop by and watch the match and have a few beers with us. Through this website we'll keep you posted regarding the match viewing schedule and other extra-curricular events we organize.