NiteCore TM26 Flashlight Review

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tm26The NiteCore Tiny Monster TM26 is an anomaly in the world of Flashlights. No one wants to spend more to buy something which is not required. In terms of flashlights no one wants to spend more on extra lumens which are not required. NiteCore TM26 has 4 LED bulbs, and a ridiculous 3800 lumen output which is far ahead of anything which a normal flashlight can produce. It finds it uses in specific areas and fields where actually high intensity light is required, but despite its extra intensity NiteCore TM26 is an excellent flashlight.

The Nitecore TM26 is an abbreviation for NiteCore Tiny Monster 26 which like its name is actually a monster of a flashlight. Physically, it’s very small in length for such a powerful flashlight, but because of the number of batteries it requires to produce ultra-high light beam, it is relatively ‘fat’ as compared to its counterparts. This makes it hard to carry it around as an Everyday Carry Flashlight. The interesting feature of TM26 is that it can run ona single 18650 or two CR123 batteries if the need arises in case of emergencies. This is a brilliant alterative offered by this flashlight, which generally needs multiple batteries to operate. The TM26 is equipped with an OLED display making it really straightforward and relatively easy to operate. At you can read more about 18650 flashlights.

The specifications of the NiteCore TM26 are way ahead of its counterparts. It is equipped with 4 LED Bulbs, and runs on either 4x 18650 batteries or 8x CR123s batteries. Lengthwise it’s compact as it’s only 5-6 inches long but in terms of its widest diameter, which is 2.5 inches it is wider than almost every Everyday carry Flashlight. As per the need it’s lumen settings can be switched between 5 different options. The lowest one starting from 3 lumens to 150, 600, 1850 and 3800 lumens simultaneously. When running on the highest brightness it lasts for 45 minutes but it can run for 750 hours if you are using it at low brightness settings. Because of its considerable weight and broadness the ease portability is sacrificed, but the incredibly higher intensity beam it produces makes up for it.

The Nitecore has patented the switch system that has been used in the Nitecore TM26. It is really easy to use– it has multiple functions as it can be pushed softly to switch between different modes, or adjust the settings of maximum brightness. The lumen output of TM26 is impressive, but what’s more impressive is the option of choosing between 3 different lumen output levels. At the lowest lumen setting, it can last for a whopping 750 hours. Having considered the fact that it takes large no of batteries as compared to other flashlights but 750 hours of service life at 3 lumens output is something really impressive.

Like its predecessors the TM26 also comes with a charger in which the flashlight can be placed, the condition is that you must be using 18560 rechargeable batteries. The TM26 is pretty durable and its water resistance makes it all the more useful in ocean exploration or underwater purposes. The TM 26 has been equipped with other safety functions also like the Strobe, Beacon, and SOS functions which are really helpful in emergency circumstances.

Apart from all the advantages it has some cons associated with it too. Difficulty in portability because of the wideness being one. Moreover, the price of the NiteCore TM26 is very high when compared with other models of flashlights. The fascination towards this powerful flashlight is negatively affected by its incredibly high price. The ongoing operation cost is also very high in case of NiteCore TM26 because of its requirement of multiple batteries periodically. So, only people who actually need such high lumens output actually buy it (Cave Explorers, Underwater Divers).

TM26 is an appropriate flashlight for those who value and need high lumen output. People venturing into caves for exploration or something like that will find good use of NiteCore TM26. It is not recommended for people who want to have a flashlight for everyday use as its high price and high levels of lumen output are not going to find its usefulness and is going to overkill. But if you can afford it then because of its power and compactness it’s something which you must buy.